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Introducing chameleon

Next generation sample preparation for cryo-EM based on Spotiton

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Empower your exploration

A problem solving state of mind

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designed for discovery
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Making the essential exceptional

Enabling you to minimise costs, eliminate laborious or problematic processes, improve data quality and preserve sample integrity through innovative technologies which stand out because they make a difference.

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Accelerating life science research

Enabling life scientists through collaboration, deep applications knowledge, leading engineering and the belief that together, we can make a difference

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Working together to realise our potential

Our quality engineering is backed by expert service, support and advice to ensure that you receive reliable and effective solutions

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Providing agility, efficiency and productivity for a broad range of life science applications

drug discovery

Drug discovery

Eliminating drug discovery bottlenecks.
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Sample management

Driving better results through sample management efficiency.
Protein Structure

Structural biology

Exploring biological applications through protein structure.

Molecular biology & genomics

High throughput, low cost sample preparation for genomics.
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Our service agreements

TTP Labtech strive to offer our customers the very best in instrument support service.
lab bundle

The ultimate lab bundle

Affordable automation for protein crystallographers! Our lab bundle pack is designed to automate your crystallisation drop setting and optimisation whilst meeting increasingly demanding budgets.
First-rate engineering by TTP

First-rate engineering and cutting edge technologies, designed for discovery!

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Ideal instrument to miniaturize our screening of antibodies for binding of bead-bound and cell-displayed antigens.

Adrian Hugenmatter


At Novartis the main benefits we see are that the chemists have access to a range of different instrumentation from their own medicinal chemistry lab and from the analysts point of view it is a much more efficient and effective way of using instrument time.

Dr Brian Everatt

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Stanford University School of Medicine, CA, USA

This semi-automated, robust SMART-seq2 workflow for single-cell RNA-seq has reduced our hands-on time from two weeks to a couple of days, while increasing the accuracy and lowering the cost. TTP Labtech’s mosquito X1 and mosquito HTS have been essential for this new workflow.

Dr. Rahul Sinha, Instructor

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