Webinar spotlights mosquito protein crystallography applications


24 August, 2011

In this webinar recording, entitled “Optimising automated low volume, high value protein crystallisation screening”, distinguished speakers from both academia and industry discuss the benefits of TTP Labtech’s mosquito® Crystal and mosquito LCP for their crystallisation studies/trials.

Professor Savvas Savvides, Ghent University, discusses his experiences in successfully obtaining crystals from prohibitively low amounts of recombinant proteins and protein complexes, using mosquito Crystal. In addition he highlights how the ability to go from protein purification to extensive crystallization trials on the same day offers clear experimental advantages.

Drs Andrew Doré and Kaspar Hollenstein from Heptares Therapeutics Ltd, present methods for establishing Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) Crystallisation experiments for G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) with mosquito LCP, demonstrating the practical set-up of an LCP experiment with an in-house target protein.

In addition, Joby Jenkins, mosquito product manager at TTP Labtech, offers tips to help optimise seeding and additive screening protocols for the mosquito systems.

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To learn more about the technology and applications of TTP Labtech’s mosquito Crystal and mosquito LCP please visit: http://www.ttplabtech.com/products/mosquito/crystallography.html