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TTP Labtech rebrand as natural innovators

Press Release

25 December, 2011

Combining cutting edge science with first rate engineering

TTP Labtech has leapt into 2012 with the launch of not one, but three, new products at the SLAS conference, San Diego, with more to follow during the year. TTP Labtech is also refreshing the company brand, with a significant re-design to clearly communicate its positive and dynamic outlook and further underline the company’s drive to innovate.

Encouraging ingenuity and natural innovation, TTP Labtech focuses on the creation, development, design and manufacture of robust and reliable instrumentation, in order to provide novel, high calibre solutions for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and academia. With 75% of employees working directly in research and development, the experienced workforce encompasses a talented pool of biologists, chemists and software developers and have a solid knowledge of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

TTP Labtech aims to devise solutions to optimise workflow and reduce the ever increasing costs of research and drug discovery. Over the last 10 years, TTP Labtech have developed a reputation as strong innovators following the introduction of a number of pioneering and robust instruments including:

  • the automated micro-tube store, comPOUND®
  • the laser scanning cytometer, mirrorball®
  • the automated laboratory transport system, lab2lab
  • the nanolitre liquid handler, mosquito®
  • the laser scanning imager, acumen®

With a proven history of innovation and an unrelenting focus on the targeted design of novel products for niche markets, TTP Labtech will continue successfully into 2012 as market leaders in automated screening, liquid handling, sample storage and management technologies.

For further information on TTP Labtech and how its innovative product portfolio can help you, visit www.ttplabtech.com

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