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Single Cells: Technology to Biology

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24-26 February, 2019

Join us at Single Cells: Technology to Biology 2019

Venue: A* STAR Genome Institute of Singapore
Date: 24-26 Feb 2019
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The overarching goal of this symposium is to provide a forum for sharing and disseminating cutting-edge technologies, biological insights, and biomedical applications in the field of single-cell analysis.  Come join us in Singapore, a global crossroads and scientific hub, for stimulating discussions and to build bridges between the expanding and interconnected international efforts in single-cell biology.


  • Atlasing Cell Types
  • Perturbing and Recording Single Cells
  • Spatial Profiling
  • Epigenetics and Multimodal Profiling
  • Data Analytics
  • Precision Medicine

Our team will be on hand to discuss with you how our instruments will assist you:

mosquito crystal is the protein crystallographer’s favourite liquid handler. It makes protein crystallography screening faster, more cost-effective and quite simply easier than ever before. It brings together speed, accuracy and high precision pipetting of nanolitre volumes with zero cross-contamination from a disposable tip.

Application areas include: protein crystallography set-ups e.g. hanging and sitting drop, additive screening, microseeding, microbatch, bicelle.

mosquito HTS offers an accurate and easy to use solution for assay miniaturisation within an automated, high throughput setting. Benefit from minimal dead volumes (under 0.3 μL), significant time and reagent savings.

Application areas include: assay-ready plates for compound screening, serial dilutions, plate reformatting and replication

mosquito HV bridges the gap between nanolitres and microlitres. Using positive displacement pipetting, it provides highly accurate liquid handling for low volume serial dilutions and assay plate preparation.

Application areas include: serial dilutions, stamping out assay ready plates from compound dilution plates, cell or bead based assays, enzyme kinetic assays.

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