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Webinar: fast, simple imaging of cell health assays

acumen Cellista


Too often a promising drug candidate is prevented from making it to market by unpredicted side-effects and toxicity issues. Testing regimes that can identify and exclude toxic molecules as early as possible will lead to significant time and cost savings.

This webinar recording gives you tools for:

  • cell health answers in as little as 5 minutes/plate
  • ideal templates for early stage library and genome wide screening
  • generating open source TIFF files that can be used in further analysis
  • minimising sample preparation steps
  • lowering the cost of cell health assays.

Dr Wylie presents several protocols to run high throughput toxicity screens on the TTP Labtech’s acumen® hci. These whole well scans have read times of only 8 minutes per plate, which includes both data acquisition and analysis time. This is ideal for the cell-based screening environment as the technique simplifies sample preparation and automation, while speeding up data capture and analysis.

Dr Paul Wylie is senior applications scientist at TTP Labtech. He has worked for Pfizer Central Research, the Institute of Cell Signalling at Nottingham University, and Knoll Pharmaceuticals.  He received a PhD from Leicester University on the role of G-protein coupled receptors in kinase signalling.