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Crystal screen optimization, Liquid handling

dragonfly: an ideal solution to problematic liquids in screening environments

Cell-based assay screening, Cell-based assays

Rapid profiling of multiple toxicity indicators using a laser scanning imager

Compound management, Liquid handling

Bitten by a Mosquito: Building Flexibility within Compound Management

Automated assay development

The application of Design of Experiment and the dragonfly discovery to miniaturise, automate and accelerate assay optimization

Automated assay development

Evaluation of a prototype dragonfly dispenser for assay development

Liquid handling, Cell-based assays

workflow for hit-to-lead compound serial dilutions for multiplexed hepatotoxicity assays

Liquid handling

Low volume automated liquid handling for studying autophagy and cellular transduction in cancer cells

Antibody discovery

Development of a homogenous RSV neutralization assay on the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer: a simple, safe and robust approach for high-throughput screening

Immunoassay screening, Antibody discovery

Multiplexed cell- and bead-based assays in a no-wash format for biologics screening and characterization

Cell-based assay screening, Cell-based assays

Eliminating the false negatives in ATP-luminescence cell health assays by the use of a phenotypic assay approach

Liquid handling


Liquid handling

Verifying the accuracy and precision of liquid handlers is essential for assay reliability

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