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Resources (11)

Antibody discovery, Automated assay development

Cells dispensed by dragonfly discovery show normal proliferation, health and apoptotic responses in a range of cell types

Cell-based assays, Antibody discovery, Automated assay development, Liquid handling

Automation and miniaturisation of compound serial dilution using the mosquito HV

Antibody discovery

Development of a homogenous RSV neutralisation assay on the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer

Antibody discovery

Improving the reliability of cell-based immunoassay screening through multiplexing with mirrorball

Antibody discovery, Immunoassay screening

Enhanced ELISA workflows no‑wash multiplexed fluorescent bead assays

Antibody discovery

Simple competition binding assays with mirrorball

Antibody discovery

A multiplexed cell-based assay for antibody screening

Antibody discovery

No-wash antibody titre determination on the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer

Antibody discovery, Immunoassay screening

Multiplexed fluorescence ELISA assays on mirrorball

Antibody discovery

Simultaneous determination of antibody binding, specificity and titer on the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer

Antibody discovery, Liquid handling

Automated liquid handling of low volumes for biological assay and screen set-up

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