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Resources (68)

Automated on-line analysis

Novartis on "Connecting remote laboratories with analytical instrumentation"

Compound management

Moana Simpson, Compounds Australia: Running a sample management service

Compound management

Jose Quiroz, Dart NeuroScience: investing in automated storage

Biological fluids storage, DNA storage, Plasma & serum storage, Bioparts & bioblock storage, Protein storage, Glycerol stock storage, RNA storage

arktic, -80°C automated sample storage

Compound management

comPILER - Automated Sample Management

Compound management

comPOUND: modular -20°C, +4°C or ambient storage

Automated assay development, Liquid handling

Joby Jenkins, Select Science interview - Introducing dragonfly discovery

Liquid handling

mosquito HTS - automated assay miniaturisation by TTP Labtech

Liquid handling

mosquito HTS - serial dilution with miniaturised volumes ranging from 25 nL - 1.2 μL

Liquid handling

mosquito HTS - cost effective assay miniaturisation by TTP Labtech

Lipidic Cubic Phase (in-meso), Hanging drop crystallization, Crystal screen optimization, Sitting drop crystallization

mosquito - calibration

Liquid handling

Adam Shutes, Blueprint Medicines: nanolitre liquid handling

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