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Resources (258)

Cell-based assays

Zhang, L., et al. (2019). Mebendazole Potentiates Radiation Therapy in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. International Journal of Radiation Oncology* Biology* Physics

Sitting drop crystallization

Ural-Blimke, Y., et al. (2019). Structure of Prototypic Peptide Transporter DtpA from E. coli in Complex with Valganciclovir Provides Insights into Drug Binding of Human PepT1. Journal of the American Chemical Society

mosquito crystal

Cleverley, R., et al. (2019) The cell cycle regulator GpsB functions as cytosolic adaptor for multiple cell wall enzymes. Nature communications

Sitting drop crystallization

Ruprecht, J., et al. (2019) The Molecular Mechanism of Transport by the Mitochondrial ADP/ATP Carrier. Cell.

High throughput transcriptomics

Wimmers, F., et. al. (2018) Single-cell analysis reveals that stochasticity and paracrine signaling control interferon-alpha production by plasmacytoid dendritic cells. Nature Communications 9. doi:10.1038/s41467-018-05784-3

mosquito LV genomics

Lu, T., et al. (2018). The Polycomb-Dependent Epigenome Controls β Cell Dysfunction, Dedifferentiation, and Diabetes. Cell metabolism

mosquito HV genomics

Phillips, A., et al. (2018). Enhanced ER proteostasis and temperature differentially impact the mutational tolerance of influenza hemagglutinin. eLife

mosquito LV genomics

Phillips, A., et al. (2018). Destabilized adaptive influenza variants critical for innate immune system escape are potentiated by host chaperones. PLoS biology

mosquito HV genomics

Dyrstad, S., et al. (2018). Introducing nano-scale quantitative polymerase chain reaction. Biochemical and biophysical research communications

mosquito LV genomics

Lager, S., et al. (2018). Detecting eukaryotic microbiota with single-cell sensitivity in human tissue. Microbiome

mosquito LV genomics

Li, Q., et al. (2018). Developmental heterogeneity of microglia and brain myeloid cells revealed by deep single-cell RNA sequencing. Neuron

Liquid handling

Jamieson, S., et al. (2018). Substrate binding allosterically relieves autoinhibition of the pseudokinase TRIB1. Sci. Signal.

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