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Glycerol stock storage, Bioparts & bioblock storage, RNA storage, DNA storage

Automated high-density sample storage and miniaturised liquid handling for high-throughput synthetic biology construct assembly

mosquito X1

Gasch, A., et al (2017) Single-cell RNA-seq reveals intrinsic and extrinsic regulatory heterogeneity in yeast responding to stress

mosquito X1

Sinha, R., et al. (2017). Index Switching Causes “Spreading-Of-Signal” Among Multiplexed Samples In Illumina HiSeq 4000 DNA Sequencing

mosquito LV genomics

Accurate quantitation and normalisation of genomic DNA for high-throughput DNA library construction

Liquid handling

mosquito - high throughput screening, serial dilution with miniaturised volumes ranging from 25 nL - 1.2 μL

mosquito X1

mosquito for genomics

Crystal screen optimization

dragonfly: screen optimisation - optimised

Cell-based assays, Cell-based assay screening

acumen Cellista : full library phenotypics screening without compromise

Hanging drop crystallization, Crystal screen optimization, Sitting drop crystallization, Lipidic Cubic Phase (in-meso)

LabCrystal 17

Automated on-line analysis

Webinar: improving analytical workflows

Hanging drop crystallization, Sitting drop crystallization

Webinar: spotlights on mosquito protein crystallography applications

Hanging drop crystallization, Crystal screen optimization, Sitting drop crystallization

Webinar: crystallography platforms for iterative protein-ligand complex determination

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