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Resources (381)

High throughput transcriptomics

Herrtwich, L., et. al. (2016) DNA Damage Signaling Instructs Polyploid Macrophage Fate in Granulomas. Cell , Volume 167, Issue 5, 1264 - 1280.e18

High throughput transcriptomics

Sagar, et al. (2018) High-Throughput Single-Cell RNA Sequencing and Data Analysis. In: Vavouri T., Peinado M. (eds) CpG Islands. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1766.

mosquito HV genomics

Miniaturization of Illumina Library Preparation in a Shared Facility Setting

Automated assay development

utilisation of a novel independent multi-channel dispenser for rapid assay development of a bead based no-wash sandwich ELISA assay

Automated assay development

a comparison of dispense performance of manual pipetting versus automated pipetting for assay development

Lipidic Cubic Phase (in-meso)

Rucktooa, P., et al. (2018) Towards high throughput GPCR crystallography: In Meso soaking of Adenosine A2A Receptor crystals. Nature Sci Reports. 8 (41)

Sitting drop crystallization

Vega-García, V. et al. (2018) Structure kinetics, molecular and redox properties of a cytosolic and developmentally regulated fungal catalase-peroxidase. Arch Biochem Biophys. 640: 17-26.

Hanging drop crystallization

Jin T., et al. (2018) Crystal structure of human NLRP12 PYD domain and implication in homotypic interaction.

Nanoscale chemistry, Liquid handling, Automated assay development

liquid handling: making the essential exceptional

Liquid handling, Automated assay development

TTP Labtech and GSK collaboration to accelerate life science research

Bioparts & bioblock storage, Compound management, Protein storage, Plasma & serum storage, Liquid handling, Glycerol stock storage, Biological fluids storage, RNA storage, DNA storage

Sample management brochure

Cell-based assays

Mane, et al. (2018). Ascorbyl stearate and ionizing radiation potentiate apoptosis through intracellular thiols and oxidative stress in murine T lymphoma cells. Chem Biol Interact. 281:37-50

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