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Novel sample and data transfer network system

lab2lab is a unique pneumatic transport system for samples in 2D barcoded tubes. This could be anything from sending samples between laboratories, storage systems or directly to online analysers such as a LC/MS or NMR.

Driving high quality data with ultra-efficiency and convenience

lab2lab offers the scientist significant time saving and the ability to produce consistent high quality data. Multiple analyses at the click of a mouse and easy access to specialist analytical tools such as NMR.

free scientists from mundane tasks

simple sample registration, sending and processing

results you can rely upon

full audit trail and locked-in, verified methods

avoid underutilisation of expensive assets

system usage reporting

higher productivity

rapid turnaround of data

easy installation into existing infrastructure

flexible architecture

removes bottlenecks from key analytical technologies

novel pneumatic transport and scheduling software


A breath of air

Novel, reliable transport of sample tubes through proven pneumatics over distances of several hundred metres.
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lab2lab fully automated analysis

Many companies have introduced open access suites of analytical equipment to ensure better consistency of data, ease of maintenance and to free up laboratory space. Whilst there are many benefits to this approach, it is less convenient for scientists to access this communal equipment and with surplus equipment required to ensure availability, many analytical systems are massively underutilised. lab2lab offers a unique solution ensuring maximum convenience for scientists able to submit samples directly from their bench, whilst offering companies the opportunity to streamline analytical equipment to the most efficient levels and consolidate systems into a single suite if desired.

lab2lab for comPOUND management

lab2lab technology is utilised for the remote transfer of samples between laboratories and comPOUND storage systems. lab2lab connect remote transfer device can connect a single comPOUND store or up to four comPOUND units. lab2lab technology is also employed in the comPILER system which can connect up to 12 comPOUND stores and offers fully automated creation of assay ready plates from a compound library.

lab2lab connect   lab2lab connectXC   comPILER

lab2lab system components

lab2lab is made of several different component types which are tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer.

a completely configurable system

The sender is a sample submission device. You can insert up to nine vials at a time and then walk away, leaving lab2lab to handle the transportation.

lab2lab buffer

Temporary storage of samples either waiting for an instrument to become available or, post-analysis, for re-analysis or disposal following inspection of previous results.

lab2lab router

The central transportation device with pipes leading to all senders, receivers and buffers. It incorporates a barcode reader to verify the identity of all sample tubes. This is the heart of a lab2lab system and is controlled by the software to manage all your sample tube transportation. 

lab2lab receiver

Device to integrate lab2lab with 3rd party instruments. Various different models exist to work with Agilent, Waters and Bruker equipment. Sample tubes are transported from the router to a receiver and then presented to the instrument for aspiration. After successful aspiration sample tubes are sent back to the router.


Enables sample tubes to be transported over greater distances. As well as providing an additional boost to airflow required for transportation over longer distances, the units also act as a temporary holding gate so that samples arriving from several locations can be managed and scheduled effectively. 


lab2lab uses 2D barcoded tubes that are specially designed for transport in the lab2lab system. The tubes have a pierceable septum allowing multiple aspirations so that a range of different analyses can be run on a single submitted sample.

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