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Sample management

Automated sample storage - sorted!

Secure storage of samples in 2D bar coded tubes with rapid retrieval; available in a range of temperatures from ambient to -80°C. Our systems are modular and scalable, with additional accessories for downstream sample processing, providing future proof solutions for your growing needs.

Innovative products and peripherals designed to store, transport and process your samples

Extremely reliable and robust modular storage systems.

walk-up and use simplicity in a multi-user environment

elegant design

meet your throughput needs

rapid sample processing

maintain productivity & provide optimal protection of assets

proven track record of reliability

mass production reliability with systems tailored for your needs

multi-application versatility

budget for current needs with confidence for expansion in the future


proven technology able to adapt to complex integrations and challenging infrastructures

pneumatic transport

arktic® XC

Automated biobanking reimagined!

Creating a network of compact arktic storage units for high integrity, affordable and truly scalable biostorage, meeting your needs for today and tomorrow.

Applications include:
storage of DNA, RNA, protein, antibody, plasma, serum and other biobanking needs.

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A flexible and affordable -20°C or -80°C automated sample store

Efficient management of 2D barcoded samples, with easy access and stable temperatures to give you unrivaled security for your -20°C or -80°C biostorage requirements.

Applications include:
storage of DNA, RNA, protein, antibody, plasma, serum and other biobanking needs.

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Scalable, modular and future proof compound management

compound management at -20°C, +4°C and ambient

comPOUND provides rapid access storage for 2D barcoded tubes which is scalable and easy to integrate with complimentary automation and LIMS systems, for efficient sample management of growing compound libraries.

Applications include:
Small molecule compound library storage, DNA storage, short term antibody storage, management of growing collections.

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Novel sample and data transfer network system

lab2lab is a unique pneumatic transport system for samples in 2D barcoded tubes. This could be anything from sending samples between laboratories, storage systems or directly to online analysers such as an LC/MS or NMR.

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cube rack scanner

Scans all SBS racks and Cryoboxes

A fast camera based scanner capable of scanning SBS racks and cryoboxes. This patented device is capable of imaging and decoding a rack in 1-2 seconds.

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Pneumatic transport re-imagined into a cutting edge pharmaceutical research and development tool

Systems to sort, store and deliver your samples. We have embraced pneumatic technology and are proud of our alternative solutions to engineering challenges.
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