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Sample management accessories

Helping you make the most of your researchers’ time

Accessories for sample management

cube rack scanner

The patented device is capable of imaging and decoding a rack in 1-2 seconds. DataPaq™ intuitive and flexible software (including free lifetime upgrades), is easy to use and simple to integrate with LIMS and other automation.


Provides walk-away operation allowing racks to be loaded onto the comPOUND for storing or retrieval of tubes. 2 options are available for either 10 x racks of 96 full height tubes (e.g. Matrix 1.4 mL tubes) or 15 x half height tubes (e.g. Matrix 0.5 mL tubes). Can be used out of hours for storage of tubes and/ or scheduled retrieval of tubes for the next working day.

lab2lab connect

A small benchtop device connecting up to four remote comPOUNDs, making efficient use of precious laboratory space. With multiple comPOUNDs connected, this enables the sample collection to be treated as a single library with storage and retrieval to a single location. The unit also provides a convenient way to integrate sample storage with an automated work cell.

lab2lab connectXC

Provides greater walk-away capacity, linking the lab2lab connect with a cytomat ambient store. The lab2lab connectXC can fully automate the storage and retrieval of up to 135 SBS tube racks, providing efficient overnight running capabilities. Load up racks of samples to be returned before the end of the work day. Arrive the following morning to find your previous day’s samples have been stored and samples required for the new working day are retrieved and ready to go.


Fully automates the common steps in the preparation of assay plates from the comPOUND library. Able to connect up to 12 comPOUNDs giving access to a library of up to 2.4 million compounds, thawing, centrifuging, decapping, liquid handling, capping and returning to storage, all without any human intervention!

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