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Liquid handling accessories

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Liquid handling accessories

mosquito® accessories & spares

Plate seal holder for hanging drop preparations. Calibration block for optimizing mosquito. Set-up guide base for positioning. Hanging drop seal onto reservoir plate. Pipette tape spool cover to protect tips from environmental particles. 4-position ultra-low reagent holder to conserve valuable sample.

active humidity chamber

mosquito’s active humidity chamber reduces experimental inconsistencies caused by variation in the humidity in the environment, by allowing users to control the relative humidity of each experiment. The humidity chamber enables up to a 90% reduction in drop evaporation.

mosquito® LCP syringe coupling

A knurled metal coupling for joining two Hamilton Gastight® Syringes, with very low dead volume, used in mixing the protein and monoolein to prepare the LCP mixture, either using our LCP mixer or manually.

mosquito® LCP needles (3/pack)

A short, precisely cut, low dead volume needle compatible with the 50 μL or 100 μL Hamilton Gastight® Syringes used by mosquito LCP.

LCP mixer

Automatically mix protein and monooelin (MO) or other lipids into a lipidic cubic phase from two coupled syringes. It accepts two 100 µL or two 50 µL Hamilton Gastight syringes.


The MXone keeps the plate stationary, allowing for extremely fast mixing of even the most viscous solutions using high-speed oscillation of a disposable pin array.

Automated plate processing

After receiving numerous requests to integrate mosquito with other equipment such as plate sealers, peelers and stackers into a compact bench top workcell, we have developed the mosquito Plate Processor (MoPP) to allow unattended operating for long periods.

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