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High integrity storage for glycerol stocks

-80°C automated store combines convenience with high integrity storage.


One store for all

2D barcoded tubes provide simple, easy and robust tracking of samples. An arktic® -80°C automated store provides a single small footprint store that can house glycerol stocks, alongside newly synthesized products and bioparts/bioblocks and the ability to rapidly retrieve any tube. Sample tubes are presented in 96 well racks compatible with a wide range of automation equipment for easy integration with downstream automation.

tube rack of a cube sample scanner

Rapid retrieval

Our -80°C automated store can rapidly retrieve any number of 2D barcoded tubes up to a maximum of 96 in a single operation. Retrieved storage tubes are held at -20°C until the user is ready to collect them, ensuring that they remain frozen while streaking out agar plates. Small sample picks can also help to manage this process and minimise the time that the samples need to be out of storage.

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