Next-generation sequencing

Efficient high-throughput NGS sample preparation

Next-generation sequencing cost has dropped to a point where sample preparation has become a bottleneck. mosquito liquid handlers help scientists overcome challenges with throughput and cost. mosquito's accurate low-volume pipetting technology enables automated, miniaturised NGS library preparation workflows, including magnetic bead clean-up, DNA quantification and normalisation.

Unrivalled performance and versatility for NGS library preparation

A unique opportunity to maximise data output, whilst significantly reducing sample and reagent costs within a genomics research laboratory or core facility setting.

reproducible results from miniaturised reactions and assays

pinpoint accuracy at low volumes

increase productivity and throughput

rapid programming and high speed plate setup

generate robust, reliable data

disposable, sterilised tips ensure zero cross-contamination

develop your own protocols with ease

open system that aspirates, dispenses and mixes

reduce reagent consumption and generate more results from your budget

miniaturise costly processes and reduce dead volumes

accurate even with highly viscous liquids

unique positive displacement pipetting technology

Featured applications

NGS library preparation

Reducing the volume of NGS library preparation by 5-fold to 25-fold with mosquito leads to dramatic cost savings. A wide range of kits can be miniaturised, for example robust Nextera XT library preparation in only a few microlitres total volume has been demonstrated.

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Magnetic bead clean-up

With mosquito® HV genomics, nucleic acids can be cleaned up and size-selected with magnetic beads at high throughput, which complements miniaturised library preparation processes. A 384-well magnetic block has been specifically designed for this purpose.

DNA normalisation and pooling

NGS protocols often require the concentration of input DNA or the sequencing libraries to be normalised. Single-channel mosquito® X1 delivers highly accurate normalisation and pooling in the nanolitre to low microlitre volume range.

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High-throughput DNA quantification

mosquito® LV genomics is uniquely suited to the setup of DNA quantification assays in a high-throughput production genomics environment. Accurate and reliable nanolitre handling even of viscous genomic DNA leads to highly reproducible results from only a few hundred nanolitres of DNA sample.

A versatile open platform for miniaturised NGS library preparation

Sequencing technology evolves rapidly. As new improved protocols and kits emerge, it is crucial to keep lab processes up to date. mosquito® is a liquid handler compatible with standard SBS plates, using an open software format that makes it exceptionally easy to program your own protocols. mosquito provides any genomics lab or core facility with the power and flexibility to stay cutting-edge for many years to come.

The technology: positive displacement pipetting

Unlike traditional liquid handlers, mosquito liquid handling robots use positive displacement pipetting technology. This superior pipetting mechanism allows transfers in the 25 nL – 5 µL range with high precision and accuracy. Importantly, it offers the ability to pipette even liquids with high viscosities, such as enzymes in 50% glycerol or genomic DNA, accurately and precisely. Furthermore, the use of disposable mosquito tips ensures gentle sample handling and zero cross-contamination.

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