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Automated on-line analysis

A paradigm shift in analytical chemistry, producing consistent, rapid, higher quality data to accelerate drug discovery

A virtual analytical suite in every lab

Centralised open access analytical suites bring many benefits, but can be inconvenient for users and suffer from busy periods. lab2lab enables users to access the full range of analysis available in an open access lab, directly from their bench with additional access to more specialised equipment such as NMR. Users can register and send samples from their bench, with results returned and data placed directly into Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) faster than is typically achieved with equipment directly in the laboratory.

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Superior data quality, with intelligent scheduling

Centralising analytical systems has several clear benefits, including; reduced capital expenditure with fewer systems needed, improved data quality with single point maintenance and calibration, savings on running costs for consumables and service. The downside can be inefficient access and queues at these systems when multiple users arrive simultaneously. lab2lab brings the best of both worlds, combining the benefits of centralisation with access to analysis direct from the bench.

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lab2lab fully automated analysis

lab2lab offers benefits to scientists, service teams and managers responsible for equipment purchase and maintenance budgets. The biggest benefit is in the quality and consistency of data produced by small, well maintained suites of analytical equipment.

Quality of data

Running multiple analytical systems across a department or site can be challenging in terms of data quality. Adherence to maintenance and calibration schedules can vary, resulting in inconsistent data. lab2lab provides the opportunity to consolidate equipment into a small number of suites that are maintained by a single group ensuring all equipment is maintained and calibrated to provide consistent high quality data. Additionally data formatting can be standardised and data is tagged with ELN references provided at sample submission to give robust traceability.

Benefits to the scientist

Whilst running analytical tests is a daily necessity it is the data produced that is the fuel of discovery. Any time saved in activities other than data analysis help to drive the efficiency and productivity of scientists. lab2lab brings significant to time savings to bench scientists enabling them to spend more time analysing data rather than producing it.

Benefits to service teams

Maintaining multiple analytical systems across a site can be extremely challenging, expensive and time consuming. lab2lab enables the reduction in the number analytical systems required and for them to be located in centralised suites, offering significant efficiencies in maintenance and calibration. lab2lab software can also manage error handling from connected analytical devices enabling maintenance staff to respond quickly to problems.

Benefits to budget holders

Chemists need rapid analysis to avoid bottlenecks in the discovery process, in many companies this is addressed by multiple benchtop analytical systems such as LC/MS. This is costly in terms of capital expenditure, running costs and maintenance as well as requiring lots of space. The answer for many is centralised analytical suites, but this brings new challenges in logistics and increased time to results. lab2lab brings the best of both worlds with the economies of centralisation and the convenience and speed of directly accessible equipment.

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